The Future Steps Programme

The Future Steps Programme

The Future Steps Programme is designed to assist:

  • Young people who are struggling to reach their potential
  • Those children who need a helping hand
  • Those who need a little guidance and encouragement
  • Those children who find main stream learning a challenge
  • Families who genuinely could not afford this opportunity otherwise

Delivering Will’s Vision

It places the young person at the heart of the programme and will be designed and delivered by specialist leaders. We intend working with young people as groups in and out of the school setting.

We will work in the first twelve months alongside Bewdley School and Sixth Form Centre, to design and deliver the programme, with a view to rolling it out to other interested schools in the following years.

It is intended to help each young person overcome barriers to reach their full potential. Ideas for content include inputs on:

  • Outdoor activity and challenges
  • Physical activity promoting emotional well-being
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Community work
  • First Aid
  • Developing Communication
  • Physical wellbeing – sexual health, drugs and alcohol
  • Making positive informed choices