The Future Steps Award

The Future Steps Award     


All awards have the below criteria:

  • They are made to individuals
  • Awards are made upon application following recommendation from school or other organisation
  • They are intended as a one-off award to help achieve a stated objective, such as specialist equipment or kit, coaching services or a course
  • They will be for a maximum of £250
  • Recipients will have to provide evidence of how the award has been used.


They are for individuals, as by definition a group or club would not meet the criteria outlined to target for the young people we really want to provide opportunity for. Those are young people for who any one of the below may apply:

  • Young people who are struggling to reach their potential
  • Those children who need a helping hand
  • Those who need a little guidance and encouragement
  • Those children who find main stream learning a challenge
  • Families who genuinely could not afford this opportunity otherwise
  • Young person who need help to overcome barriers to reach their full potential whilst building confidence, skills and life chances

We anticipate that our awards will be given to young people between the ages of 11 and 18 but would consider any young people signposted by a school.

These awards are split into two categories; Sports awards and any other area where ‘The Future Steps Programme’ may assist. We have separated these to emphasise that the Foundation isn’t just here for Sports awards. We would like to assist young people who need direction to develop a talent in drama, music, communication, language or IT for example.

The Sports Award programme will support an annual award in Will’s name for young people who achieve well and commit to maximising their future potential though sport, teamwork or leadership.

If you want to donate, volunteer or ask any more questions about our awards please contact us.