About us

The William Mills Foundation was inspired from a tragic event in June 2018, when Will collapsed and died at home, near Bewdley in Worcestershire. William died of ‘natural causes’ although the exact cause of his death has not yet been ascertained. This meant that in the first days following his death, Will’s family found it difficult to direct the offers of help and donations that quite naturally came from friends and family.

Will was always smiling. His philosophy on life was to enjoy it and live it; he actually lit up a room when he walked in. He was alive every minute he was awake but was kind, caring and sensitive. He understood and cared for those not as fortunate as himself. To quote from one of William’s university friends “Will was a kind-hearted young man who was loved and respected by every person he encountered. Will was a keen sportsman and enjoyed helping others prosper in their sporting goals. 

Will spent time coaching younger children to play football; he also volunteered not just for sports charities but to help other causes. One event he particularly enjoyed supporting as a nominated school Sports Leader was a sports day for young people with physical and learning disabilities. He told his Mum that this was because he felt such great achievement when he saw the confidence and joy those young people felt by developing sporting skills as well as achieving goals that they never thought possible. 

This is what we would like to help achieve again in Will’s memory. Help young people achieving goals they never thought possible. So, combined with an over whelming need to feel that something positive may come from Will’s death, over the weeks that followed, the William Mills Foundation has moved from concept to reality. When explaining to one of Will’s young friends what we hope to achieve through The William Mills Foundation he replied, “Will was absolutely a giver and was my mentor every time I couldn’t cut it on my own, and he can still be that for these kids”.